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My background is in photography, and I had the good fortune to study at the University of New Mexico in the early 1980s when it's photography program was nationally recognized.  Since that time, digital cameras and editing software have changed the way we process images, but good composition and subject matter will never be replaced.  A lot of my work begins with a photograph, and I will transform the image into something new and different.  But sometimes, there is nothing like a good old black and white.



I started my fused glass journey with glass mosaics.  I took a class and one of the first pieces I did was of a crane.  One of the teachers created fused glass eyes for me.  But it was really the fun of laying out the mosaics that got me going.  I found a lot of peace in organizing the pieces to form a picture.  

These are some early works.  I have since moved on to clay mosaics, but I still cherish these early pieces.

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