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My background is in photography, and I had the good fortune to study at the University of New Mexico in the early 1980s when it's photography program was nationally recognized.  Since that time, digital cameras and editing software have changed the way we process images, but good composition and subject matter will never be replaced.  A lot of my work begins with a photograph, and I will transform the image into something new and different.  But sometimes, there is nothing like a good old black and white.



I often have said that a beautiful sunrise or sunset is proof of God.  There is nothing that takes my breath away more than looking at the spectacular colors created by the sun, painted on the sky and mountains.  I am in awe of the grand vistas of New Mexico as well and find myself mesmerized by the deep blue skies filled with puffy white clouds.  I never thought I would enjoy the dessert, but I have come to love the subtle beauty that abounds in this land.

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